Quick Tip #3 On How to Choose the Right Expert Witness

In How to Choose the Right Expert Court Witness Chris Robertson gives quick tips on how to narrow your search for the right expert witness. Robertson, of Majon International, an internet marketing company in Los Osos, CA, writes “For court matters involving real estate, business partnerships, Board of Directors, wrongful terminations, minority shareholder rights, and other related subjects, finding the right expert court witness for the job is not always a simple process.” Bias and conflict of interest should be considered in researching and hiring the best expert witness for your case.

Bias and Conflict of Interest
Before hiring an expert court witness, be sure that he does not have a conflict of interest or any potential reasons to be biased in the case (past or present). Even if the expert is not biased, there may be things in his past that the other side could point out and weaken his influence and evidence in the eyes of the court.

Most importantly, make sure the expert has a history of being balanced in every case. The expert court witness in your case will be one of the major players, and could make the difference between winning and losing.

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