Quick Tips #2 On How to Choose the Right Expert Court Witness

In How to Choose the Right Expert Court Witness Chris Robertson gives quick tips on how to narrow your search for the right expert witness. Robertson, of Majon International, an internet marketing company in Los Osos, CA, writes:

Choosing a Court Witness for Complex Cases
With complex cases, be sure the court witness you are considering is willing to work closely with your team. Keep him informed of every development in the case, and involve him in important decisions that would benefit from his opinion. But even during a complex case, please do respect his privacy and independence.

Choosing the Same Court Witness Again
If you need to hire the same expert court witness you’ve used before, do another check on credentials. He could have even more beneficial credentials than before. Ask your colleagues or counsel if anything has changed (for better or worse) in the expert’s background.

Writing Skills
As courts move more toward the “written report” than experts actually taking the witness stand, you’ll need to be sure your expert has the correct skills to write a comprehensive report.

More to come from Mr. Robertson including “Bias and Conflict of Interest” Article Source: articleboy.com


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