Footprint Expert Witness Testimony Sends Former Penn State Football Player to Prison

LaVon Chisley, 23, a former Penn State football player from Maryland, was convicted Friday of murder in the stabbing death of former roommate Langston Carraway. Chisley was found guilty of first- and third-degree murder based on DNA evidence and expert witness testimony. The footprint expert witness testified that a pattern left by a shoe on the victim’s linoleum floor matched the wear pattern on shoes owned by the defendant.

At one time Chisley had a promising football career, but he was kicked off the Penn State team because of poor grades and at the time of the murder he was $50,000 in debt. He may have been after the cash that Carraway, kept in his apartment. goes on to write:

Carraway, 26, was found in his apartment in June 2006 with 93 stab wounds, many of them to his hands and arms as he apparently sought to protect himself…Karen Muir, Chisley’s lawyer, said after her closing argument that the prosecution had not proved its case. ‘For the amount of blood at the scene from this vicious attack, there was no blood inside the car that my client was driving that night,’ Muir said. ‘According to the forensic pathologist (expert witness), the victim had 41 defense wounds. He was fighting for his life, and yet my client had no scratches, bruises or signs of a struggle.’