Bob Rose and Robyn Porterfield

Workplace injury is a serious problem with many costs including the cost of well-being and even loss or life. The causes and prevention of injury is a complex issue with many factors including adequately functioning machines safety equipment and so on.

Interestingly many of the factors relating to workplace injury can be addressed by Industrial Psychologists (also called IO psychologists). IO psychologists are trained to address the human factors at work. Examples will be useful.

Appellant was convicted on numerous counts of child sexual abuse by the trial court.  He appealed this conviction, arguing that the court erred when it allowed expert witness testimony on child sexual abuse accommodation syndrome (CSAAS).  The appeals court affirmed the convictions of the lower court.

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  1. Hamlett v. Carroll Fulmer Logistics Corp – United States District Court – Southern District of Georgia – April 6th, 2016 – This is a personal injury case involving an accident between a motorcycle and  truck.  The plaintiffs (Hamlett) sued the defendants for compensatory and punitive damages as well as attorneys fees.  Hamlett hired Robert L. Scott Jr, the officer who arrived on the scene, as an accident reconstruction expert witness.  The defendants filed a motion to exclude numerous parts of Scott’s expert witness testimony that based on conjecture or guessing.  The court granted the motion to exclude these certain pieces of evidence.
  2. Dennis v. ESS Support Services Worldwide et al – United States District Court – Eastern District of Louisiana – April 11th, 2016 – This is a negligence case in which the plaintiff (Dennis) was allegedly injured after he fell off a top bunk while on board the SEVAN LOUISIANA.  Dennis hired David E. Cole (admiralty & maritime expert witness) to provide expert witness testimony.  The defendants filed a motion to exclude Mr. Cole’s testimony on relevancy, reliability, and the forming of legal conclusions.  The court agreed with part of the motion, allowing Mr. Cole’s testimony on all issues except where he forms legal conclusions.  Thus, the motion was granted in part and denied in part.
  3. Mohammed A. Jafar, Mohammed M. Chowdhury and Abdus Sobhan v. Seraj Mohammed – Texas 14th Court of Appeals – April 12th, 2016 – This case, on appeal from the Harris County District Court, involves a dispute regarding the valuation of a business after the withdrawal of one of its partners.  The lower court denied appellants motion to exclude the expert witness testimony of the appellee.  Seraj Mohammed hired Jeffrey Jones as a business valuation expert witness.  The appellants argued that Mr. Jones’s testimony was unreliable and the lower court denied the motion.  The appeals court affirmed the lower court ruling.