Write an Article to Improve Your Expert Witness Marketing – Part 4

Another approach is to write your article on how to cross examine the opposing expert in your field. Many such articles are published in legal magazines. In this type of article, you could give advice on the following questions:

• What questions should be asked that will open doors to more information, or close doors on the opposing expert’s opinion on a particular issue?
• How can an attorney ferret out information from an opposing expert? What may an opposing expert be hiding?
• Are there certain scientific methods that are generally used by experts in this field? Are there different methodologies that could be used?
• Are there standards in your industry that an expert should be aware of?
• What documents should be used in cross examination?
• Are their certain questions that you know are difficult for an opposing expert to answer?
• What traps can be set for the unskilled opposing expert?

Providing answers to these types of questions will help get your article published, and attract attorneys to you.