Write an Article to Improve Your Expert Witness Marketing – Part 3

Writing an article is one of the best educational marketing tools available to you as an expert witness. In deciding what topic about which to write, answer questions such as these in your article:

• What are the key issues in your field, and how should an expert be able to address them?
• What should an attorney know when they have a case in this area?
• What things should be sought in discovery? What documents or records should be requested?
• Are there chain-of-custody issues? Sequencing issues? Scope of work issues?
• What standards of care should be used?
• What potential defendants should be identified?

In addition, make it easy for attorneys to know what questions to ask when retaining an expert, and provide information in your article that will lead them to contacting you (without making direct references to yourself). Some questions you could provide answers to include:

• Are their specific experiences an expert in your field should have?
• Is there specialized training the expert should have in this area?
• Are there specific organizations to which the expert should belong?
• Are there certain designation or certificates an expert should have?
• Should the expert have published in this area?
• Are there “specialist” designations in your field of which an attorney should know?
• How is an expert in your field licensed? Is the license good for all 50 states? Are there a certain number of years of education one must complete?
• Are there common misconceptions in your field? For example, some attorneys might not realize that a chiropractor is not necessarily a medical doctor.
• What should competent experts in your field be able to do? Site inspections? Examinations? Create exhibits? Record review?
• What type of expert should an attorney avoid?

Attorneys will likely save such articles that answer these questions, and use them for future reference.