Write an Article to Improve Your Expert Witness Marketing – Part 5

There is a wide array of publications that might publish your expert witness article. Nationally, some examples include “Trial Magazine,” “The National Law Journal,” “The ABA Journal,” and “Lawyer’s Weekly.” On the state level, there are legal magazines such as “Nevada Lawyer,” “Minnesota Lawyer,” and “New York Law Journal.” In addition, virtually every state bar association has a legal newspaper or magazine. For example, you could reach attorneys in California through the “California Bar Journal” or trial attorneys on the East Coast through the New York Trial Lawyers Association’s “Bill of Particulars.” Most state bar associations also have “sections” (such as litigation, real estate, tax, and employment, to name a few) that have newsletters or legal publication where your article could be published. Also, there are literally hundreds of “specialty” bar associations, such as the “National Association of Environmental Law Societies” and “Criminal Bar Association.” Searching on the Internet for a bar association related to your expertise could lead you directly to your target market.