The Value Of A Construction Expert Witness Part 2

In The Value of a Construction Expert Witness, William Gulya, Jr., construction expert witness and President & CEO, Middlesex Trenching Company, writes:

The evidence and documentation involved in construction cases are numerous and varied, including building contracts, correspondence, emails, liens, claims, and a wide variety of notices. The expert witness should be able to analyze fact evidence, prepare a clear and concise expert report and other documentation, and handle himself in depositions and in court. Some cases require presentations using charts, models, photographs, and other such materials, which a competent expert should be able to prepare. In addition, an experienced expert witness who has handled similar cases in the past should have an in-depth knowledge of the legal regulations to which he or she must adhere.

It is the responsibility of the expert witness to advise the attorney based on the facts and circumstances of the case and provide a written report, which includes opinions and conclusions supported by the facts, evidence, OSHA regulations, best practices and industry standards. Experienced expert witnesses have an understanding of what could prove to be problematic or positive in the long run and advise their attorney client accordingly.

An experienced construction expert witness can make the difference between winning and losing a case.