The Structural Safety Expert Witness & Mechanical Engineering

In MECHANICAL ENGINEERING, NOT JUST ABOUT GEARS, structural safety expert witness Philip J. O’Keefe, PE, MLE, writes:

Mechanical engineering is one of the oldest and broadest of engineering disciplines. It encompasses a broad number of disciplines, from physics to materials science, but it can be summarized as being derived from ten core areas:

1. Statics: The study of how forces are transmitted to and through stationary objects.
2. Dynamics: The study of the effects of velocity and acceleration, and resulting forces and energy, of moving objects.
3. Kinematics of Machines: The study of how parts of machines behave as they move through their ranges of motion.
4. Strength of Materials: The study of the properties of materials along with the geometry and sizing of structural components, structures, and machine parts to prevent failure.

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