Marketing Expert Witness On Performance Part 3

Marketing expert witness Don E. Smith, President, American Consulting Group, LLC, writes on THE LIMITATIONS OF USING SALES QUOTAS AS THE PRIMARY MEASURE OF PERFORMANCE:

Define their capability. Focus on securing information that is meaningful to being an effective distributor for your line. Calculate indexes based on national average or similar distributors. Keep it simple. Page 3, table 3, Capability Index.

1. Personnel: Outside sales, customer service, field service. Total # of each available for your line. Sales/employee for each.
2. Trained personnel: # of each type personnel that has received training. Sales/trained employee.
3. EDI: Are they on your system?
4. VMI: Are they participating in your program?
5. Service capability: Do they have capability for system integration, startup, repair, emergency shipments, 24-hour customer service, etc?
6. Showroom: Do they have a showroom? Which of your products are included?
7. Demos: How many field demo units do they have? # of demos/sales.