Insurance Fraud Expert Witnesses

Insurance fraud expert witnesses may testify on insurance claims, insurance regulations, and associated matters. On their website, the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud writes:

Why Is Fraud So Big?

Insurers sometimes back off. Most insurance companies take a tough stand against fraud, but some companies unwittingly encourage fraud by paying suspicious claims too easily. These companies believe it’s cheaper to pay some smaller suspect claims than fight in court, and a quick payoff also may avoid multimillion-dollar lawsuits for bad faith.

Health system is an easy target. America’s health care system is huge and vulnerable. The sheer number of patients and treatments plus complexity of billing attract cons who are skilled at looting our overworked health care system. The pressure to control costs also encourages many doctors or health firms to cheat so they can recoup lost profits or meet rigorous treatment quotas.

Immigrants are vulnerable. Insurance cheats consider America’s large and growing immigrant groups easy targets. Asian and Hispanic communities, for example, report extensive insurance fraud as con artists prey on immigrants’ trust, lack of English skills and ignorance of how insurance works.

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