Commercial Insurance Expert Witnesses Part 2

Commercial insurance expert witnesses may testify and write reports on commercial liability policies, professional liability insurance, agent errors and omissions, and associated matters. Here, the law firm of Kunz, Plitt, Hyland & Demlong writes on commercial insurance:

Businesses may choose to purchase business interruption insurance, which pays for the cost of employee salaries and other expenses if the business cannot operate when the premises are damaged. Most businesses are required by law to carry some form of workers’ compensation insurance, which compensates employees who are injured while performing their job duties. Businesses also may have other unique insurance needs.

When a business buys a policy to protect itself against liability, it is likely to be a “CGL” (commercial general liability) policy. This type of policy pays for many types of risks that might cause the business to be liable to a third party. Coverage under a CGL policy usually includes such risks as personal injury claims brought by customers injured on the business premises or by the business’s products. A policy also may provide coverage to protect against libel or slander lawsuits filed by a competitor.