Forensic Pathology Expert Witnesses To Testify Again in Spector Civil Trial

No matter the verdict in Phil Spector’s criminal case, his defense team will be back in court in two weeks defending him in a civil suit filed by Clarkson’s mother, Donna. Forensic pathology expert witnesses from the criminal trial would be called again. reports:

Should Spector be acquitted, lawyers for Donna Clarkson would have to start from square one with the civil jury…’We would have to retry the whole case,’ said John Taylor, a civil lawyer for the Clarkson family. The bartender from Trader Vic’s, Dr. Pena, Lynne Herold, Adriano DeSouza – they’d all be back on the witness stand. The defense may call some of Spector’s expert witnesses from the criminal trial, as well as Clarkson’s friends, like Punkin Pie and Jennifer Hayes-Riedl.