Forensic Psychology Expert Witness Testifies in Quadruple Murder Case

Christian Nielsen is charged with quadruple murder in western Maine. His lawyers want to have the 32-year-old cook declared incompetent to stand trial for the 2006 killings. Expert witness Dr. Ann LeBlanc, director of the state forensic service, testified Nielsen suffers from schizoid personality disorder but it does not make him incompetent to stand trial. Assistant Attorney General Andrew Benson says Nielsen comprehends the charges against him, understands what’s at stake in the legal process and is capable of assisting in his defense if he chooses to while defense lawyers Ron Hoffman and Margot Joly say Nielsen is emotionally detached and disinterested in his legal defense. also reports:

Forensic psychology expert witness LeBlanc acknowledged Thursday that “he’s not a mentally healthy person at all.” But she said there’s no evidence that he has ever sunk into psychosis or that he was delusional, two signs of bigger mental health problems. Asked if he was capable of “logically organized thinking,” LeBlanc responded that “he could do it.” Nielsen is aware enough of his situation that he thinks he’s “going to spend the rest of his life in prison or in a mental institution,” she said.