Expert Witness Marketing Myth #3 – Marketing By Word of Mouth is Sufficient

A number of expert witnesses do not market because they believe that attorneys market their qualifications for them to the legal community by word of mouth. With everything an attorney does all day in dealing with the tremendous expectations from clients and the stress of billable hours, do you really want to rely on attorneys to market for you? Do you want your business development to be out of your control and in the hands of lawyers? Do you think attorneys have your curriculum vitae at their fingertips to discuss your qualifications? Do you think attorneys have the time to convey your qualifications? Being a lawyer is daily, fast-paced drudgery in a precarious profession. Lawyers have enough on their plate without having to concern themselves with marketing your services. A wise expert realizes that attorneys only make money when they are working on items they can bill to a client; marketing your services is not a billable event. If you want to maximize your profits as an expert witness, do not rely on attorneys to make your qualifications known by word of mouth.