Document Examination Expert Witness On Questioned Writing Part 5

Document examination expert witness Ronald N. Morris is a certified forensic document examiner and in this excerpt from Submitting a Handwriting Case for Examination, he writes on how to organize a case for submission.

Step 1-Separate the questioned and known documents.

Step 2-Write the word “questioned” on an envelope and place the questioned document inside this envelope.

Step 3-Write the word “known” on another envelope, or several envelopes depending upon the number of known writers. Use one envelope for each known writer and write that person’s name under the word known. Place the appropriate documents inside each envelope and seal it. Rather than fold the documents and try to place them into a small envelope, use large flat envelopes to hold the documents.

Do not write on the envelope when the submitted material is inside. Write on the envelope first and then put the document for examination inside. If the questioned document is to be processed for fingerprints, the document should be safeguarded using established and acceptable procedures by placing it in a separate and approved protector. The envelope holding the document should be marked, “contents to be processed for prints.”