Security Expert Witness On Avoiding Security Litigation Part 2

In Security Experts: Litigation and Beyond, security expert witness Robert A. Gardner, CPP, writes:

Regardless of the focus of your practice, there may be a place for a qualified security expert in your legal tool kit. Consider making these suggestions to your client:

• Have a qualified security expert conduct periodic surveys of your client’s property, their management practices and their policies and procedures. This will identify security weaknesses before they create a problem. Include both business and residential locations.

• Before moving to a new business or residential location or committing to any real estate purchase or lease, have a qualified security expert evaluate the safety of the surrounding area and the physical security characteristics of the property.

• If security vendors such as alarm companies or guard services are used, have an independent qualified security expert evaluate their application and periodically audit their effectiveness. An independent qualified security expert should also perform a technical review of all security related bids and contracts.