Fire Expert Witness On Building Codes Part 1

In A Square Peg in a Round Hole – Building Design v. Occupancy Use, fire expert witness Robert L. Rowe, President of Pyrocop, Inc., writes:

Part 1
During my tenure as Fire Marshal in the Los Angeles Area, I’ve encountered numerous challenges relating to fire and building code interpretations and application. Beyond popular belief, the responsibility of a fire code official does not stop at insuring the safety of the public and minimizing property loss.

In this difficult economic climate, bringing business into the City and keeping it there is what I refer to is the “third dimension” of responsibility that is required to be an effective component of city government. However, it is also important for investors, developers and property owners and property managers to have at the minimum, a basic understanding of how fire and building codes work to avoid unnecessary delays and headaches.

Part 2 will show example of how something as simple as a signed lease and a handshake turned into a financial disaster.