Wrongful Death Expert Witness On Building Codes Part 2

wrongful death expert witness Robert L. Rowe, President of Pyrocop, Inc., writes:

Part 2
A 30,000 square foot, nonsprinklered, 1950’s era commercial building in an industrial area was sitting vacant for some time which was “bleeding” money by the hour. There were several prospective tenants who inquired but, for one reason or the other, the building was not the right fit. Finally, an import export company looked at the facility and without hesitation, signed a lease and moved in. Had it not been for the City’s business license inspection program, I would have never known that building was occupied or being used.

When I inspected the building I could not believe what I saw. Plastic products stored to the ceiling on unsecured racks with pallets on pallets of plastic wrapped product stored on the floor within the aisle spaces among the racks. It was nearly impossible to walk through the building to inspect as the building was loaded with product.