Collision Speed Expert Witness On Cause Analysis Part 4

In What is Traffic Accident Reconstruction And Cause Analysis?, collision speed expert witness Patrick Scott Moore writes:

Why use a Reconstruction Specialist?

Attorneys understand the law and the procedures of a civil suit or criminal trial. However, most attorneys do not have the expert knowledge required to explain the causal factors of a traffic accident. Therefore, attorneys generally use experts to assist them with their more complex cases. A reconstruction specialist can evaluate and assist in the preparation and presentation of a technically involved case, as well as, testify as an expert.

Are Reconstruction Specialists expensive?

Reconstruction can be expensive if the case requires many hours of critical evaluation and analysis. However, most reconstructions only require the expert to inspect, evaluate, analyze, and document typical collisions. Typical collisions generally take from 10-20 hours to complete. Ask the reconstruction specialist for the hourly rate they charge so that you can compare rates. Some reconstruction specialists are more qualified, and therefore, charge more. Always remember, check the qualifications as outlined above, then apply the rule “you get what you pay for”!!