What Is An Insurance Expert Witness? Part 2

What Is an Insurance Expert Witness?

The insurance expert witness can explain the processes behind the actions of an insurance company or agent, and can talk about industry standards of behavior and ethics. The insurance expert witness can also provide information about how coverage works, conditions under which coverage may be denied, and the appeals process in place for asking for reconsideration of insurance decisions. All of this information can be used to support one side or the other.

Like other witnesses, an insurance expert witness can be cross examined by opposing counsel. If the testimony has been especially effective, the opposing lawyer may attempt to undermine the credibility of the witness, or to shoot holes in the testimony. For example, the lawyer might remind the jury that the witness is expressing opinions, rather than stating facts, or might call the character of the witness into question. Opposing counsel may also ask about how much compensation the witness received, as juries may read a high compensation as a sign that the witness was “bought”.

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