Vinyl Chloride Polymers Expert Witnesses

Vinyl chloride polymers expert witnesses may opine on PVC products such as piping, construction materials, household items, and more. Here, R. Kayne describes issues surrounding PVC products:

Polyvinyl chloride, better known as PVC or vinyl, is an inexpensive plastic so versatile it has become completely pervasive in modern society. However, its diversity and ubiquitousness is now in question, as it comes from a highly toxic production industry and potentially remains an environmental threat throughout all phases of its life. In addition to the toxic chemical processing required to make PVC, mounting research indicates a tendency for some PVC products to leech harmful chemicals, with a possible link to health risks and environmental contamination.

Additionally, polyvinyl chloride is not biodegradable, a fact that manufacturers promote as a plus, while environmentalists count it among many of polyvinyl chloride’s drawbacks. They point to the ever-growing massive amounts of discarded PVC products and shrinking landfills, and the potential for long-term leeching that could lead to ground water contamination. Polyvinyl chloride should not be burned, as it can release harmful gas, and recycling is difficult because of the diverse additives used in various products.

Written by R. Kayne for