Trucking Industry Expert Witnesses & Onboard Recorders

Trucking industry expert witnesses may write reports and testify on federal motor carrier safety regulations, truck maintenance, trucking computer systems, and related issues. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is proposing that all interstate trucks and buses be equipped with electronic onboard recorders to track driver hours. The rule would apply to all carriers now required to maintain Records of Duty Status (aka logbooks), which amounts to some 500,000 commercial carriers. The rule would not apply to short-haul interstate carriers that use timecards to document hours of service.

The agency at the same time is proposing to relieve interstate carriers from certain supporting documents requirements for hours of service compliance. Motor carriers will be given three years from the effective date of the final rule to comply with these requirements. The proposal can be found at The agency will be accepting comments as soon as the proposal is published in the Federal Register.

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