Trucking Industry Expert Witnesses & Trucking Accidents

Trucking industry expert witnesses may opine on federal motor carrier safety regulations, interstate motor carrier operations, and federal motor vehicle safety standards, as well as related issues. In Trucking Accidents on the Rise in Illinois: How You Can Be Safe, motor vehicle accident and personal injury attorneys at Salvi and Maher offer Safety Tips for Car and Truck Drivers.

Illinois motorists can improve safety on our roads by understanding simple guidelines that are meant to prevent serious Illinois truck accidents. The following are some basic tips to help ensure safety for all drivers:

– Be alert of blind spots around trucks. If you cannot see a truck’s side mirrors, the driver cannot see you.
– Do not attempt to pass a truck on the right when it is beginning a right turn.
– Do not cut in front of a truck; trucks require much more distance to stop than cars.
– Give trucks more room in wet conditions or at high speeds.
– Get plenty of rest before long periods of driving.
– Slow down in work zones.
– Inspect and maintain your vehicle, especially the brakes.
– Avoid aggressive and distracted driving.
– Fasten your seatbelt.