Latex Expert Witnesses & Latex-Safe Emergency Care Part 4

Latex expert witnesses may opine on latex allergies, latex hypersensitivity, and related issues. In How Do I Prepare for Latex-Safe Emergency Care?, Gerri Rivers, EMT-1, Quad Cities Support Network Chairperson and member of the American Latex Allergy Association writes:

6. Arrange a face-t-face meeting with your local EMS director, EMS Commission and ED Director so they can know you and discuss your needs.

7. Before traveling, contact by phone and in writing the local ED Directors and EMS Directors at your destination. Determine if they are prepared to manage the latex allergic individual and provide them with your name, home address & phone number, temporary address & phone number, and the items listed in bold in Number 5.

For the latex allergic individual the idea of emergency medical care can be a frightening reality. If you continue to have difficulty in discussing your medical needs with EMS, contact your congressperson and local politicians. With these few tips, you can be prepared for emergency events.

Read more: AALA.