Trucking Expert Witness On ABS Brakes Part 1

In Truck/Tractor-trailer brakes and accident reconstruction, trucking expert witness
Robert Reed writes:

Large trucks and tractor-trailers with ABS anti-lock brakes involved in crashes and accidents have complex systems that must be identified and accounted for in reconstruction and causation issues. Misconception as to skid marks at scenes of crashes can be attributed to the truck/tractor-trailer involved by the police or the investigating agency. Upon investigation and inspection of truck/tractor-trailer it should be noted if the unit has ABS anti-lock brakes and if the system is working. This could change the investigation and reconstruction dramatically as to stopping distance and actions of trucks. ABS systems can apply and release the brakes 5 times a second to keep wheels from locking up and skidding. Numerous times skid marks are attributed to units that did not lock the brakes or skid the tires.