Truck Manufacturing Industry Expert Witnesses

Truck manufacturing industry expert witnesses may write reports and opine on on issues including federal motor carrier safety regulations, truck maintenance, and related topics. The Motor & Equipment Manufacturers Association which represents over 700 companies that manufacture and remanufacture motor vehicle parts writes:

Motor vehicle parts suppliers are the nation’s largest manufacturing sector, directly employing over 685,000 U.S. workers and contributing to over 3.2 million jobs across the country. MEMA’s aftermarket affiliate, the Automotive Aftermarket Suppliers Association (AASA), exclusively represents the North American Aftermarket supplier industry and is recognized as one of the nation’s strongest and most prominent trade organizations with more than 100 years of experience. AASA’s sole mission is to help its members, the aftermarket suppliers, to be more profitable, innovative and competitive on a global scale.

Ann Wilson, Senior Vice President, Government Affairs, The Motor & Equipment Manufacturers Association, writes:

On behalf of this industry, I would like to express our opposition to L.D. 357 which repeals Maine’s requirement that all motor vehicles registered in the state undergo an annual safety inspection. MEMA and AASA members are well aware of the dangers of neglecting the replacement of vehicle safety components. L.D. 357 will compromise consumer safety by eliminating Maine’s program.

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