Silcone Expert Witnesses & Silicone Formulations

Silicone expert witnesses may testify on issues relating to silicone and silicone polyester formulations. The Cookware Manufacturers Association says consumers buy more nonstick cookware than any other kind and describes the two major types of nonstick formulations:

Silicone and Silicone Polyester formulations.

These organic-resins are typically applied to bakeware almost exclusively. They are not designed or formulated to withstand the direct high heat that cookware endures on top of stoves. They are designed to release high sugar content baked goods easily and to be dishwasher safe. In general silicone nonstick finishes are less costly than fluoropolymer based finishes.

PTFE or Fluoropolymer formulations.

These nonstick coatings are almost exclusively found on cookware used on top of the stove. The active ingredient in the coating is a compound known as polytetrafluoroethylene, a waxy solid that is the most slippery substance yet discovered- more slippery than even wet ice. This compound is what gives fluoropolymer cookware finishes their ability to release foods.

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