Telecommunications Expert Witness On Fiber Optic Case

In David and Goliath: Silverton and Qwest Battle Over Fiber Optic Line reports:

“Qwest was paid to build an information superhighway to Silverton, and they barely widened the existing mule trail.” So said San Juan County Administrator Willie Tookey on June 30 of this year, when Silverton and San Juan County filed a complaint with the Colorado Public Utilities Commission against Denver-based Qwest Communications.

Silverton’s technical expert was Corey Bryndal, who owns a Durango-based company that installs fiber-optic systems, most recently for the cities of Durango, Bayfield and Cortez. Bryndal testified that the 7 megabits of download speed Silverton has available might have been considered fast 10 years ago, but that international standards are many times that now.

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