Medical Malpractice Expert Witness Report Part 2

In How to Write a Medical Malpractice Expert Witness Report, attorney Vivian Pearson explains:

Your medical malpractice expert witness report should be targeted to your attorney’s specifications. Before you begin to prepare your report, know what he or she is expecting in terms or length, formatting, font, and amount of details to include. To ensure that you meet your attorney’s guidelines and ensure you are paid on time, give your attorney a draft of the report to review before you put it in final form.

3. Describe the education and experience that makes you qualified to be an expert witness in the case. You will need to begin your report by discussing what degrees you hold, how long you have been working in the medical field, and for how many cases you have served as an expert witness.

4. Provide a description of your knowledge of the case. Discuss whether you obtained your information on the case through third-party documentation or whether you interviewed the doctors or patient in person.

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