Streaming Video Expert Witnesses

Streaming media expert witnesses may opine on digital multimedia evidence and streaming video, as well as related topics. The Law Enforcement & Emergency Services Video Association (LEVA) issued their Best Practices for the Acquisition of Digital Multimedia Evidence Version 3.0 on April 14, 2010, including information on preservation of DME.

DME preservation should consider the following:

Gaining Physical Access If the data is stored on-site, coordinate with personnel at the storage location to gain access to secured areas, locked containers, or storage devices.
Access to remotely stored evidence may be acquired over network cables, phone cables, or through wireless connectivity. It may be necessary to contact other personnel who can access the DME and make arrangements to preserve the data.

Gaining Logical Access Usernames and passwords may be required to gain logical access to the data on the system. Local network information, such as IP addresses, may also be required.

Controlling Access Controlling access to the system can be accomplished by limiting physical access to the recording/storage device and by isolating the recording/storage device from external sources. External sources of access include network cables, phone cables, and wireless communication devices.

Preventing Loss Steps should be taken to ensure no overwriting of the relevant data occurs until the data has been transferred to the acquisition media. Attention should be given to pre-scheduled data-purge and/or over-write settings. It may be necessary to solicit the assistance of additional resources including, but not limited to, manufacturer support personnel, network administrators, or a qualified computer forensic examiner. A sudden loss of power could cause destruction of the evidence. Terminating the power source should be considered a last resort.

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