Risk Management Expert Witness & “Best In Class” Part 3

In Risk Management Consulting, risk management expert witness Alan F. Shirek,
AFS Risk Consulting International, LLC, writes:

Such tasks or projects may include developing ways to enhance the effectiveness of insurance brokers or agents, insurance carriers, third party claims administrators or other outside vendors. They may include developing communication tools that will enhance the ability of the risk management department to assist the operating companies or departments. They may include projects designed to provide an independent appraisal of key catastrophic exposures to loss. And they may involve analysis of certain significant legal exposures that could be difficult to absorb without a negative impact on corporate earnings.

In each case, the right consultant can bring additional experience and problem solving ability lacking in the core risk management team. The consultant can augment the talents and experience of the core team, making their contribution to the success of the overall venture even more effective.

Risk management continues to be a highly complex activity. The right consultant understands who his or her client is and what they need to accomplish. They don’t lose sight of the fact that the project or task assigned to them continues to be the responsibility of the risk management department. The consultant succeeds by helping the retaining firm and its staff to succeed.

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