Logistics Industry Expert Witnesses – Just For Fun

Logistics industry expert witnesses may write reports and testify on on issues including interstate motor carrier operations, truck fleets, and related topics. Just for fun, in her blog All That’s Trucking, Deborah Lockridge, writes:

Five words or less
On a LinkedIn transportation discussion group, there’s been a discussion thread where members answer the simple question: “In five words or less, describe what you do.” I wanted to share some of the responses with you, from the simple to the sublime to the just plain funny:

Match customers to trucks
Deliver the capacity you need
Keep the trucks full
Use our trucks to please
Baby sit delivery drivers daily
Evaluate, train drivers better & faster
Safety first tonnage last
Keep vehicles safe and secure
Transport freight safely, on time
Problem solver, professional cat wrangler
Stomp out fires, go home
Live up to others’ promises
Battling the forces of evil
Never blow anything up