Risk Management Expert Witness On Expert Assignments Part 9

In When the Phone Rings … Twelve Questions for Prospective Expert Witness Assignments, risk management expert witness Kevin M. Quinley, CPCU, ARM, AIC, writes:

(10) How voluminous are the materials that need to be reviewed? It may matter to you whether the answer is 200 pages or six bankers’ boxes. Again, consider the deadline for submitting expert reports in conjunction with the estimated amount of material to be reviewed. The relationship between these two may impact your interest and ability to take the case, especially if you are stretched thin juggling other commitments. Extensive document review under a tight time frame may impact your willingness to take the case, your ability to devote the needed time to it, and the pricing level you quote for the engagement.

Kevin M. Quinley is a leading authority on insurance issues, including risk management, claims, bad faith, coverages and litigation management. He is the author of more than 600 articles and 10 books. You can reach him through http://www.insuranceexpertnetwork.com/.