Intellectual Property Expert Witness On Working Professionals Part 2

In Are You Ready to Be An Expert Witness? intellectual property expert witness Judd Robbins writes: “The fact is, judges and juries aren’t fond of ‘professional’ expert witnesses, who go from trial to trial as their primary means of support. But they do like working professionals who have an expertise in their fields, who maintain their day jobs, but who also know and understand the legal process.”

Robbins advises professionals who want to get into the expert witness field that they need to become familiar with the three primary ways expert witnesses work with attorneys:

(2 of 3) Assessment — Attorneys will sometimes hire you to assess the technical merits of either or both side’s claims. Your job is to make an objective assessment about the potential strengths or weaknesses of those claims, giving your client the ability to use that information to either prove their case or disprove their opponent’s case.

Robbins is the author of Expert Witness Training ( Excerpted from