Rescue Expert Witness On Risk Management

Rescue expert witnesses may write reports and opine on rescue operations, search and rescue, water rescue, and related topics. In Risk Management: Compatibility Issues, Gerald M. Dworkin, Lifesaving Resources Inc., writes:

I’ve always advocated the need for aquatics facilities to collaborate and coordinate lifeguard and water rescue training and emergency operations with community fire, rescue, emergency medical services (EMS) and law enforcement agencies. This includes combined emergency response drills. Such training gives lifeguards a better understanding of what’s expected of them before and after the arrival of responding professional rescue services personnel and equipment.

It also allows public safety and rescue agencies to evaluate the operations and capabilities of lifeguards, as well as their EMS and rescue equipment. And it lets first responders assess the facility’s rescue and safety equipment. This ensures that it’s compatible within the communitywide EMS system, and that the equipment also is state-of-the-art and appropriate for its intended use.

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