Computer Networking Expert Witnesses

Computer networking expert witnesses may opine on routing, WAN, computer networks, and related topics. In Avoid Hiring a Computer Expert Wit-less, R2Computing writes:
Hiring a computer expert can be a daunting task. Finding the right person to help build and support your case means trusting a stranger — even when you don’t understand exactly what they’re talking about! Unfortunately, you can’t always tell whether an expert has what it takes just by looking at their resume or educational background.
Technology changes quickly and when choosing an expert there’s no substitute for a recent, relevant work record. Computer consultants can often serve as excellent expert witnesses.

Unfortunately there is no Bar Association in the computer world. So, anyone can claim to be a computer expert. Luckily there are a few ways to test their expertise. While college degrees will show a good general knowledge base, a better gauge of specific technical competency are industry certifications. Some vendors, including Microsoft, Cisco and Sun Microsystems, offer official certification programs for individuals and businesses. Certified experts may charge more, but a reputable certificate program gives you peace-of-mind — you know that your potential expert knows his business.
Be sure your client tells you what technology is involved in your case. You will want to hire an expert that has a good, working knowledge of the specific product involved. Basically, don’t hire an expert with certifications from Cisco when the case revolves around Microsoft technology. As the technology gets more complicated you may be required to hire multiple experts; one for each product involved.