Quick Tips On How to Choose the Right Expert Court Witness

In How to Choose the Right Expert Court Witness Chris Robertson gives quick tips on how to narrow your search for the right expert witness. Robertson, of Majon International, an internet marketing company in Los Osos, CA, writes:

For court matters involving real estate, business partnerships, Board of Directors, wrongful terminations, minority shareholder rights, and other related subjects, finding the right expert court witness for the job is not always a simple process. There are many factors to consider. Here are some quick tips to narrow your search for a dependable court witness in these fields.

The Right Qualifications
The term “expert” is crucial. Find a court witness with a solid background in the areas needed for the case. A qualified witness will usually be able to bring clear, concise information to the case. Check the witness’ background as an expert to be sure he is qualified in the field. This will also help you discover his or her strengths and weaknesses, and to avoid major surprises at the last minute. For instance, both sides may have contacted the same court witness. Or, the expert may have already taken a view in a previous similar case, which may be unhelpful in your client’s case.

Also, ask to be sure the witness will accept instructions from both defendants and claimants. Many courts do not favor one-sided experts, and will choose one with a reputation of being even-handed.

If the other side chooses their own expert court witness, be sure your expert has similar qualifications so theirs doesn’t appear to be “more qualified” than yours.

More to come from Mr. Robertson including “Choosing a Court Witness for Complex Cases.” Article Source: articleboy.com


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