Public Contracts Expert Witnesses

Public contracts expert witnesses may opine on public contract codes, public contract regulations, and related issues. In Bid Protests on California Government and Public Works Contacts in California, attorney George W. Wolff of George W. Wolff & Associates writes:

This Article describes general grounds for Bid Protests on City, County, Local Agency and State Government Public Contracts in the State of California and stresses the urgency to file a Bid Protest very, very quickly after bids are opened to avoid losing your rights to file a successful Bid Protest. Protest procedures vary so check the project manual, local statutes or ordinances on deadlines and procedures, and – immediately – consult a competent and experienced government contract attorney.

Bid Protests on Government Public Works Projects in the State of California
Due to the competitive nature of most Government and Public Works Contracts in the current economy, fierce competition between bidders is now commonplace, as are Bid Protests by other bidders to the award of the job to a lower – or higher – bidder.

Protest Procedures:

The means and manner for protesting a bid are typically set out in the Instruction to Bidders for Project, or in other Contract Documents.

In some instances, the procedures may be set forth in a local ordinance or statute, which state to which a protest must be submitted, what a protest must include, and when the protest must be submitted.

Before or immediately after you have submitted a bid, be sure to check these procedures, in case you need to make a bid protest, or in case you are required to respond to a protest from another bidder.