Mortgage Fraud Expert Witnesses & Massachusetts Case Part 3

Mortgage fraud expert witnesses may opine on occupancy fraud, income fraud, and appraisal fraud. Here, Rachel Dollar, attorney, Certified Mortgage Banker, and editor of Mortgage Fraud Blog, writes on Allen Seymour, 42, Oxford, MA, who was arraigned in Worcester Superior Court for his role in a complex scheme in which fraudulent documents were used to defraud homeowners and mortgage lenders in numerous real estate transactions.

Simultaneously, Seymour allegedly found individuals with good credit who were looking to begin investing in real estate. Many of these “investors” were allegedly told they would be helping homeowners in danger of foreclosure. Seymour allegedly told several investors that the purchase would only be temporary, and the homeowners would purchase the property back from them after Seymour repaired the homeowner’s credit. Others were allegedly told that Seymour’s company would repair and rehab the properties, and then sell them at a profit, to be shared by Seymour and the investors.

It is alleged that none of the proposals made to these “investors” matched the transactions presented to the homeowner. The investors were not told of the “lifetime leases” and “reverse mortgages” Seymour had allegedly promised to the homeowners.

Investigators discovered that nearly $3 million dollars in loans were obtained for these purchases. Loan documents indicate the lender believed the purchase price was far greater than the amount the homeowner was selling the property for, if in fact the homeowner knew they were selling the property at all.

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