Psych Expert Witnesses To Testify in Pipe Bomb Trial

Attorneys for 45-year-old Lonnie Troy Glinski will try to prove that he was criminally insane when he planted four pipe bombs in the Willamette Valley, OR, last summer. Glinski faces 17 counts of felony charges, 13 counts of attempted aggravated murder and four counts of unlawful possession of a destructive device. Dr. Richard Hulteng was appointed by the court as a psychiatrist to give Glinski a mental evaluation in February and medical expert witnesses are set to appear for both the defense and prosecution. Court subpoenas inlcude mental health expert witnesses Dr. Roger Jacobson of Corvallis and Dr. James Koski of Corvallis. Law enforcement officials are set to appear as expert witnesses for the prosecution. also reports:

Lonnie Troy Glinski has been in custody since his arrest Oct. 17. The pipe bombs were discovered in four locations in the Salem area on Aug. 10, 2006…Glinski’s attorney Stephen A. Lipton said the defense does not intend to dispute the facts of the case, but makes the argument that Glinski was insane at the time of the crime.