Pathology Expert Witness On Crash That Killed 8

No one can pinpoint why Diane Schuler, 36, drove the wrong way on a familiar suburban New York parkway for nearly 2 miles before slamming head-on into another vehicle, killing herself and seven others. A medical examiner is digging deeper for answers after ruling that Schuler didn’t have a heart attack or stroke behind the wheel, and plans further testing to determine whether she had signs of an advanced diabetic condition.

After forensic pathologists ruled out a stroke, aneurysm or heart attack, Dr. Kunjlata Ashar, deputy medical examiner for Westchester County, said she would test Schuler’s eye fluid for evidence of heightened blood sugar levels, a possible sign of ketoacidosis. Noted pathology expert witness Dr. Michael Baden, however, doubted that possibility for Schuler. “People just don’t have a hypoglycemic crisis out of the blue,” said Baden.

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