Accident Reconstruction Expert Witness Opines In Homicide Trial

An accident reconstruction expert witness and an engineering expert witness testified Thursday for the defense in Laurence Thompson’s homicide trial in Bucks County, PA. Thompson was drinking before he allegedly drove drunk and caused the death of his passenger, Mary Anne Locicero. But the defense expert witnesses say she could have been behind the wheel. They said the violent sideways motion of the car spinning and striking the guardrails would have been enough to propel the 180-pound woman across Thompson’s lap and out the passenger side window.

Prosecutors say Thompson, 48, of Bensalem was drunk and speeding when he crashed Locicero’s car. Prosecution experts said that evidence in the car, as well as Locicero’s injuries, proves she was in the passenger seat. Thompson claims he’s been wrongly accused of driving drunk and killing his passenger.

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