Ophthalmology Expert Witness Sues American Academy of Ophthalmology

Dr. Charles Yancey is suing the American Academy of Ophthalmology and two doctors who filed a complaint against him for allegedly giving inaccurate testimony. Ophthalmology expert witness Dr. Yancey claims all three conspired to defame and intimidate him so he wouldn’t testify in other cases, according to the lawsuit filed in July. American Medical News reports:

It was the first time Dr. Yancey had served as a medical expert witness, and “he felt an ethical obligation to step forward and do this,” his lawyer, Michael A. Zimmer, said. But the fact that Dr. Yancey received the faxed letter the day before his deposition in a subsequent trial on damages in the case, “was clear evidence that this complaint was filed … to try to get him to alter his testimony,” said Zimmer, who practices in Minneapolis.