Myth #5: Expert Witness Marketing will lead to quick results.

Expert witness marketing is a conservative investment. It is not an instant gratifier. As marketing expert Jay Levinson states, “Don’t expect marketing to suddenly double your sales. Although this has happened, it is unusual. Recognizing this, you’ll feel good about making a conservative investment in marketing the next year, and the year after that. If you expect more from marketing, chances are you’ll be disappointed. If you expect only that, chances are you’ll be gratified. And successful.” If you want to be successful as an expert witness, will you truly save money by not marketing? You will in the way that stopping your wristwatch saves time.

Your goal in marketing is to consistently educate legal professionals about your qualifications and abilities to position yourself in their mind as the expert witness to contact when a case falls within your expertise. There are an endless number of ways to market your qualifications. The key to expert witness marketing is commitment. Once you have chosen your marketing tactics, stay consistent. Consistency breeds familiarity with attorneys, familiarity breeds confidence in your abilities, and confidence will lead to you being retained in more cases. Do not drop out of the public eye for long periods of time. Remember, attorneys hire expert witnesses based on the cases that come into their office. Just because the attorney does not hire you today does not mean that he or she will not hire you tomorrow.