Medical Illustration Expert Witnesses & MDE

Medical illustration expert witnesses may opine on medical exhibits, medical graphs, medical charts, and more. Here, the Doe Report, a library of medical-legal graphics writes on MED:

Medical Demonstrative Evidence, or MDE, including medical illustrations, animations, anatomical models and computer presentations, helps attorneys and their expert witnesses communicate medical information, clearly and concisely, to a lay or professional audience.

At every step of a personal injury or medical malpractice case, it falls on someone to explain details of human anatomy, physiology, trauma and/or surgery. Some attorneys say: “That’s what I pay my medical expert for,” or “I know enough about my client’s medical condition to explain it to a judge or a jury.” However, no matter how good you or your medical expert are at talking about medical issues, using a visual aid during your presentation will increase your persuasiveness and ability to educate your audience.

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