Latex Expert Witnesses & Latex-Safe Emergency Care Part 1

Latex expert witnesses may opine on latex allergies, latex hypersensitivity, and related issues. In How Do I Prepare for Latex-Safe Emergency Care?, Gerri Rivers, EMT-1, Quad Cities Support Network Chairperson and member of the American Latex Allergy Association writes:

Latex allergy has proven itself to be a frustrating and potentially disabling and career-ending condition. Once a person has been diagnosed, they must then educate themselves and others about latex allergy. It is important that a latex allergic individual, be treated by knowledgeable personnel in a latex-safe manner.

Many latex allergic individuals are not sure how to prepare themselves, Emergency Medical Services (EMS), and hospitals to manage their needs. Those who attempt to inform EMS directors, hospital administrators or Emergency Department (ED) directors are often given the run-around, cold-shoulder and no help at all! The realization that few understand appropriate treatment guidelines can leave one feeling frustrated, angry, and scared.

Take control of your latex-safe emergency medical care needs by utilizing the following tips:

1. Get a Medic Alert bracelet or similar product and wear it at all times.

2. Place latex warning stickers on all outside doors at home, each vehicle you drive, entrance to other sites such as work site, child care. Make a portable sign for use while traveling.

Read more: AALA.