Medical Expert Witnesses Testify On Texas Medical Board

Texas lawmakers heard complaints from medical expert witnesses about the Texas Medical Board on Tuesday. During the proceedings, legislators questioned the board about former member Dr. Keith Miller, who resigned in August after a law was passed banning board members from acting as expert witnesses in malpractice cases. The Statesman reports:

The House Appropriations regulatory subcommittee, led by state Rep. Fred Brown, R-Bryan, has heard repeated charges that the board expends time and money chasing violations that have little to do with patient care, Brown said…. Dr. Roland Chalifoux, a former neurosurgeon in the Fort Worth area, said the board unfairly took his license after a patient died, forcing him to leave the state. If he is a danger to patients, he asked lawmakers, why is he allowed to teach and practice in Wheeling, W.Va.?


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