Lawyer Describes His Experience Testifying As An Expert Witness

Bridgeport, CT, attorney Richard Meehan Jr. describes testifying as an expert witness “no easy thing to endure.”

I agreed to testify at the request of a young lawyer who I had trained some years back. The experience was enlightening. I realized how difficult it is when you, as a witness, want to testify but are dependent on the questions put to you. The prosecutor repeatedly objected to the phrasing of the questions. As the witness, I could not offer my take on whether the form of the question was or was not proper, nor suggest to my fledgling friend how to rephrase to avoid objections.

It was difficult to sit silently watching this part of the legal drama unfold. Most of the objections were whether lengthy hypothetical questions contained appropriate references to the evidence. I agreed with some limitations by the judge, but not all.

I found myself wanting to be lawyer, judge and witness. I came away with a greater appreciation for the countless experts I’ve used who sat patiently, enduring the legal wrangling. As frustrating as it was, I could only imagine how the non-lawyer feels sitting in that “hot seat.”

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