Judges Rule that Attorney Did Not Call Upon Sufficient Expert Witnesses

The Missouri Supreme Court ruled Friday that death row inmate Travis Glass deserves a new sentencing hearing because his defense attorney did not call enough expert witnesses. The lower court judge also said Glass’ attorney should have called upon a neuropsychologist, a learning disability expert witness, and a toxicologist. A toxicology expert witness could have testified that Glass was so drunk that he didn’t understand his criminal actions. As reported in the Joplin Globe:

Among the potential witnesses cited by the judge was a doctor who treated Glass for bacterial meningitis in 1981, when Glass was just 23 months old. The Supreme Court majority agreed that the doctor could have provided mitigating evidence about the long-term effects of meningitis and Glass’ impaired mental abilities. Teachers could have explained that Glass had difficulties learning and had been harassed by other students for being overweight…and his probation officers could have spoken of his good behavior and cooperation.